Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Classroom Response System

turning pt.

Is it a challenge to get your students to participate, especially in jumbo classes? Do you want to illustrate how opinions in you class mirror or perhaps oppose survey results?  Do you wonder if your students really understand the topic you just covered in your lecture?

One of the new ways to achieve these goals is through the use of a classroom response system or CRS.  Using a classroom response system, a faculty member can survey students during lectures with results displayed immediately within PowerPoint.  Response Systems have been in use since 1998 but thanks to several recent technology enhancements are now viable additions to Baruch smart classrooms. 

The Instructional Technology unit of BCTC has been working with faculty members to select a classroom response system that will allow Baruch students and faculty to experiment with this new technology without any expenditure for the students. In a classroom that is equipped with a CRS receiver, each student has a handheld device (sometimes called a clicker), responding to questions posed by the instructor through PowerPoint slides.  The current choice is Turning Technologies, an electronic response system that integrates easily with PowerPoint. The TurningTechnologies web site offers documentation, case studies and an overview of best practices

All responses are collected by radio frequency transmission and then summarized results are displayed automatically as a chart. Instructors can save and download this data for analysis or discard the data.

To see a demo of the Turning Point Classroom Response system, contact Kevin Wolff, Instructional Designer. He may be reached by phone at (646) 312-1010 or by e-mail at

To schedule the use of the clickers and receiver in you classroom, use the media services request form located here.