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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

March 26th Course Archive Process

As part of CUNY’s ongoing efforts to effectively manage Blackboard storage and to comply with established policies on Blackboard course retention, CUNY will archive all 2014 Blackboard course sites (Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall) on March 26th, 2016. After that time, courses from these semesters will no longer be available in Blackboard.

To have an archived course restored to Blackboard, please contact the Help Desk at  It will take approximately 3 business days for a course to be restored following the work order being sent to CUNY.

We encourage all Faculty to retain copies of their courses for their personal use. Before March 26th, faculty can: 

  • Use the Course Copy function to copy the course materials into current and upcoming courses.
  • Use the Export function to create and download a copy of the content of a course that can be imported into another course (similar to a Course Copy).
  • Use the Archive function to create and download an exact copy of each course (content, enrollment, student work, grades, etc.), which can be provided in case it is necessary to retrieve this information. This archived file will be larger than a file that has been exported.


Please contact the Baruch Help Desk if you require assistance exporting or archiving your course:

Help Desk
6th floor of Library Building
Phone: 646-312-1010