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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Blackboard Collaborate Support

Getting Started

Before starting any Collaborate session it is important to follow the steps below to ensure a successful session.

Step 1:

It is important to meet the system requirements to run collaborate sessions. To avoid any issues we recommend using Mozilla Firefox and having the latest version of Java.

Visit one of the following links for latest versions of Java

Latest version of Java

Latest version of Mozila Firefox

Mobile system requirements

Step 2:

Now that you havechecked your system requirements, you must download the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher. To download the Launcher, please enter the configuration room below. Then select your system (Windows or Mac) and click download.

Blackboard Collaborate Configuration Room

Download Blackboard Collaborate Launcher

Step 3:

Finally you must test your connection, settings, and configure your audio and video.

To test your configuration in advance, please enter the configuration room below.

Blackboard Collaborate Configuration Room

To configure your audio, please use the audio set up wizard. To set up your video, click on the video icon in the audio and video panel. If no image appears please go to Tools > Video > Camera Settings. Ensure that the correct camera is selected.

Audio & Video Setup

After launching the configuration room, it will take a few seconds for the session to load. During this wait time there will be no sign of the session loading.

Blackboard Collaborate User Guides:

Moderator Reference Guide (PDF)

Participant Reference Guide (PDF)

Additional Resources


Blackboard Collaborate Mobile App Guides:

Blackboard Collaborate Mobile App - Overview

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