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For More Information About Course Evaluations contact the Office of Testing and Evaluation

Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Online Student Course Evaluations

Each term, Baruch College goes through an evaluation process for our instructors and courses with the goal of making them better. Students have easy access from Baruch’s homepage to the results of the evaluations.

As of spring 2014 the College conducts the evaluations online.

Instructors do not have access to the results of the evaluations until after grades have been turned in and student contributions are anonymous.

The online evaluation system is managed by a company that will not provide College administrators or instructors with information that could link responses to individual students.  The College only receives compiled data with no student identifiers.

At the start of the evaluation period students receive an invitation to complete the evaluations for the courses in which they are currently registered.  The invitation is sent to each student's Baruch e-mail address and contains a link to the login page on the course evaluation company's web site. 

Students log into the course evaluation system with a Baruch username and password-- the same one used to log onto computers or wifi while on campus.  (Please note that it is NOT the username and password for Blackboard or CUNYfirst.)

Students may also use this link in case they did not receive an e-mail invitation: Baruch Course Evaluations

The technology help desk (646-312-1010) can help with logging in.

Independent Study courses (many 500 and 600 level courses) are not included in the course evaluations in order to preserve student anonymity. Other courses that have an enrollment below 5 will be eliminated from analysis after the evaluation period is over.