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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Blackboard Courses

  • Blackboard can only be accessed through the CUNY Portal. To access Blackboard you must create a CUNY Portal account.

  • Courses are available in CUNY Blackboard via the CUNY Portal

Courses are available in the CUNY Blackboard system and are accessible only via the CUNY Portal. If you have been associated with a course for the semester, that course will be listed after you log in to CUNY Blackboard.   Student rosters are loaded from the Registrar's system.

Courses Not Appearing

If your courses are not listed on Blackboard, it is very likely that you are not the official instructor of the course yet. Please check with your department chair to confirm that your teaching assignment has been
submitted to the Registrar's Office and to Human Resources.

Students Not Able to See the Course

All courses are created as "Unavailable". This means that the instructor can see the course, but students cannot.

Instructions for making courses available:

  1. From the Control Panel, click on "Customization" then "Properties"
  2. Under #3, "Make Course Available to Users", click "Yes" annd press "Submit".
  3. Once you have made the course available, you can go to guest access to permit or block guests from viewing the site.


Workshops and Further Support

Training Workshops will be available during the semester. In addition, departmental chairpersons or groups of faculty may request group instruction by contacting Kevin Wolff directly at:

Kevin Wolff
Baruch College, 1 Bernard Baruch Way, H-0910
New York, NY 10010
v: (646) 312-1010

For general questions about the system, please contact the BCTC Help Desk at (646) 312-1010.