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Turn off Journals LX & Teams LX in your course

Learning Objects Journal LX and Teams LX are turned on in each course by default.  If you will not be using the either tool to teach your course, you can turn off these tools (and others) in your Course Control Panel.

  • Enter your course Control Panel.
  • Click on Course Options > Manage Tools

Learning Objects - BB Control Panel

  • Click on Building Block Tool Availability:

Learning Objects - Building Block Tool Availability

  • Deselect the check box across from the tool name to turn it off in the course Tools section & click on the Submit button:

BB Building Blocks

  • Back on the top level of your course, click on the Tools link in the Course Menu or the Course Tools link in the Tools section.

BB Course Tools

  • Confirm that the Blog and/or Wiki tool is not available.  If it's not, you've successfully turned it off.