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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

IMPORTANT - Blackboard 8.0 Status Update

Dear Colleagues:

As you know, the CIS team has been working with Blackboard Inc over the last week to provide the data and configure the system in their hosted environment.  We have been running Blackboard 8.0 at CIS on an interim basis while this work has taken place.  We are now ready to complete the migration of Blackboard 8.0 to the new environment at the Blackboard hosting site. As I have noted previously, this hosted Blackboard 8.0 environment was established by Blackboard to support its customers (including its largest customers), and Blackboard manages and maintains it on a round-the-clock basis.  

To complete the migration we must schedule a system outage.  We are planning to bring down Blackboard 8.0 on Saturday, May 9 from 5-11 am.  

This maintenance outage is necessary in order to freeze the data, migrate the data to the new system, test the system, and reenable Blackboard 8.0 in the new environment.  While we have planned for a 6 hour outage on Saturday morning, when CUNY experiences the lowest usage of Blackboard 8.0, we hope that we can bring up Blackboard 8.0 in the new environment in even less time.

Blackboard 8.0 will continue to be run in Blackboard Inc's hosted environment until we determine the root causes of problems with the CIS-hosted environment and can ensure our ability to operate the system at CUNY in a stable and reliable manner.  I want to assure you that, from the users’ point of view, everything will look and function as if it were successfully hosted here.  

Please let your campuses know of this planned outage.  We will also be posting alerts on the Blackboard sign-on page and an explanation for the outage on the Blackboard Unavailable Page on Saturday morning.

Thank you for your assistance during this transition.

Brian Cohen
Associate Vice Chancellor and University CIO
City University of New York <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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