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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Update on Blackboard 8.0 Status


Dear Colleagues:

The Blackboard Response Team worked through out the day on Saturday on the two primary activities I explained in my previous message: 1) activate the Online BA program in the hosted environment and 2) copy all our university Blackboard data on to a physical media storage appliance and transfer it to the Blackboard, Inc. data center in Virginia.

We are on schedule with the Online BA program and have now made the system available to the program's user community. There are some issues with a faculty credentials that we to adjust in the system today. We have been in contact with the Online BA leadership and coordinating our activities with theirs to insure a successful transition to the hosted environment.

We are also completing the final steps required to send all the university data to Virginia. This activity supports the ability to activate the hosted environment for all the remaining colleges and programs. Over 6.5 million files have been copied and are ready for transfer to Blackboard's hosted site via a courier service. Once in Virginia, and barring any unknown/unexpected issues, the restoration process should take about 24 hours for all the data and system configurations to be loaded. Many of the necessary steps to achieve this restoration have already been completed through the work we did to restore/activate the Online BA program.
We will soon begin to focus our attention on restoring and maintaining the CUNY Blackboard system. In the event we are able to provide access to the system, it will be only as an interim solution and until the hosted environment is ready. We also very strongly suggest that users save their work frequently and avoid if possible from creating any new content which may not get replicated once we cut over to the hosted environment.

I will continue to keep you informed of progress.

Thank you.
Brian (via Blackberry)


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