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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

CUNY-Wide Blackboard Archiving Plan
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CUNY CIS has announced a new archiving plan for older courses currently on the Blackboard server hosted at CUNY. Courses from the Spring 2005
semester will soon be archived to disc and removed from the server. This
archiving should improve server performance and free some much needed space on the server. Faculty members should plan to archive courses on their office computer.

To do this:

From the old course:

  • Login to the Blackboard system.
  • Enter the old course.
  • Select the Control Panel.
  • Click on Export Course (in the lower left hand corner of the panel).
  • Select all the areas of the course you would like to copy (do not copy enrollment or gradebook information).
  • Follow the instructions to save the .zip (WinZip archive) file on your local computer (remember the location you have saved the archive file to
    on your personal computer).

Once archived the courses may be imported into any of your future courses through the "Import Package" function.  (See Blackboard FAQ's).

Generally speaking, CUNY plans to archive courses after 14-15 months.

Archives will be available to BCTC staff but may require several days to restore so faculty should primarily rely upon their own archives.  The BCTC recommends saving your course content twice: once to your hard drive, and then again to an external storage device such as a Flash drive or CD-ROM.