Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)


Getting Started with Office365

Students from all over CUNY will have a standard e-mail account, such as: This account, also known as a BaruchMail account, is a Microsoft Office365-powered account for student use. Provided there are no name conflicts, your e-mail ID should remain the same. For example, if there is more than one “John Smith” on your campus, one person’s ID will be “John.Smith” and the second “John.Smith1.”

I’m a new student. What is my e-mail address?

The naming convention for e-mail accounts is

Your default password is your date of birth, in this format: yyMmmDD+last 4 of SSN. This password must be changed upon first login to your email account. When you attend new student orientation at Baruch, you will be provided with your e-mail address.

CLICK HERE to find your email address and Baruch Username

For a complete step-by-step guide, please click here and view this guide on-line

How do I check my e-mail?
  • Go to  and click on Login
  • At the Outlook Live Page, enter your full student e-mail address – e.g. and your password


  • For increased security, please leave unchecked the following box:


  • After entering your full e-mail address and password, click signin