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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Adobe Acrobat & Office 2010

 We have noticed within Office 2010 that the functionality of creating/saving Adobe PDF files is different than the process before.  Most users knew that to create a PDF file in Microsoft Office 2003 they could click the button within the menu add-in bar and this would invoke the application to create the PDF file.  In Office 2010, the process to create a PDF file is currently a little different. In speaking with Adobe and researching the issue on-line, we have found that Adobe has not released an updated version of Adobe Acrobat that will put the feature back into Office 2010 as it was done in previous versions under add-ins.


Office 2010 includes a built-in PDF writer to help you save any document into the PDF format at the click of a button. You can also convert documents to PDF and email them as attachments directly from the Office program.


1.      Navigate to File -> Save As

2.      Choose a location to save the file and insert a file name

3.      Save As Type: Select PDF from the dropdown menu.

a.       Click on “Options…” for additional preferences.




1.      Navigate to File -> Save and Send

2.      Create a PDF/XPS Document

3.      Enter a file name (Save as File Type PDF is already selected)

a.       Click on “Options…” for additional preferences.

4. Select Publish to save the file


Once an update from Adobe has been released, we will let you know. For now please let your users know of this change in Office 2010 so they can create PDF files.