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President's Corner

R. Emanuel Scott Jr


I am R. Emanuel Scott, Jr., President of the Bernard M. Baruch College Alumni Association, Incorporated, the “BCAA.”

The charter of the BCAA, the alumni association established by and for the Alumni of Baruch College of the City University of New York, was approved by the State of New York on December 4, 1968.  For the past 47 years, our track record of networking, professional development, scholarship and service spans the globe through its more than 150,000 world-wide alumni, representing 110 countries.

To add to that legacy, we have designated the 2014-2015 fiscal year Program theme as Launching New Dimensions of Leadership. Members of the BCAA will have the opportunity to address Alumni needs with programs in traditional and new target areas.  The program features four (4) target areas:

  • Networking (“Alumni Spotlight”)
  • Professional Development (“Resume Bank”)
  • Scholarship and
  • Service

As we begin a new millennium, I invite you to explore our new website featuring the Alumni Spotlight, the Resume Bank, and additional information about our events, programs and professional development opportunities such as our annual Speakers Forum, Membership Mixers, plus Discount/Affinity Programs.

Our efforts have made a difference in the lives of countless Baruch Alumni, and we look forward to continuing our legacy of programming excellence.  As the BCAA’s twenty-fifth President, it is my distinct honor and privilege to serve in this role at this time.  It is my commitment to lead with not just steadfast enthusiasm and spirit, but also novel ideas through which we make your experience with the BCAA worthwhile.  Launching New Dimensions of Leadership is one such outlet that will take our service delivery to a new level.  The complex challenges faced by today’s Baruch Alumni require organizations like ours to do more.  BCAA’s active members stand ready to implement these new programs, and to engage in leadership development initiatives at a new level.  I look forward to working with BCAA members, our program partners, sponsors and members of the communities that we serve as we move forward collectively to enhance our domestic and global impact over the next year.  The rich legacy of the Baruch College Alumni Association is ours to share and build upon.


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