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committee descriptions


The following committee descriptions are intended to provide a concise overview of the Alumni Association's permanent committees. The following committee responsibilities may be modified throughout the year depending on the association's needs and circumstances.

Most committees:

  1. Meet at least once a month
  2. Are headed by at least one chair selected by the current BCAA President
  3. Are supported by BCAA office staff
  4. Have their own budgets based on a committee request

Awards Committee

Researches and selects the following awards that are handed out either at the Annual Meeting and/or at the Annual Reunion:

  • Student Scholarships
  • Alumni Service Award
  • Faculty Service Award

Budget & Finance Committee

  1. Prepare annual BCAA budget for fiscal year
  2. Examine proposals and negotiate financial membership benefits
  3. On an ongoing basis, review financial statements and continue to work with staff to develop revised financial management reports
  4. Explore additional revenue generating opportunities, and examine current contracts/agreements in search of other potential opportunities.
  5. Evaluate current capital position and submit any suggestions to Executive Committee.
  6. Discuss and make recommendations on financial issues that are referred to the committee by the Officers.

Class and Social Committee

  1. Charged with organizing all social functions of the Alumni Association
  2. Promotes synergy and fosters interactive social events that interests alumni

Membership Committee

  1. Plan networking events with office staff
  2. Create new benefits to the association's membership package

Public Relations Committee

  1. Charged with marketing and branding the alumni association

If you would like to learn more about or get involved with a particular committee, e-mail us

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