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Assessment at Baruch

Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness

What is assessment of student learning?

Assessment of student learning is "deciding what we want our students to learn and making sure they learn it."

Student learning assessment therefore has three fundamental traits.

(1) We have evidence of how well our students are achieving our key learning goals.

(2) The quality of that evidence is good enough that we can use it to inform important decisions, especially regarding helping students learn.

(3) We use that evidence not only to assess the achievement of individual students but also to reflect on what we are doing, and, if warranted, change what we're doing.

Source: Linda Suskie, Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide, (2018) Third edition.  San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. (p. 8.)


What is institutional effectiveness?

Institutional effectiveness is, at its heart, about quality. Quality . . .  is not just a matter of doing things excellently but doing the right things excellently. A quality college is not just excellent per se but excellent in fulfilling its responsibilities:

(1) Meet stakeholder needs, especially its students’ needs.

(2) Keep its promises by achieving its mission and goals.

(3) Ensure its college’s health and well-being, and deploy resources effectively, prudently, and efficiently. (This is stewardship.)

(4) Serve the public good.

(5) Demonstrate the college’s quality and effectiveness in fulfilling these responsibilities. (This is accountability.)

Source: Linda Suskie (2014) What is institutional effectiveness?