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Assessment at Baruch

Four Step Assessment Processtitle

Step 1: Design a Program Logic model

  • Define the Mission of the Program/Academic Unit
  • Indicate Inputs (staff, time, equipment) invested
  • Indicate Activities (workshops, training, counseling) undertaken
  • Indicate Participants (students, administrators, faculty, staff) 
  • Define intended Operations/Services Outcomes (number of workshops, number of students/faculty served, percent satisfied)
  • Define intended Learning Outcomes (increased knowledge and skills, applied skills, changed policy, increased research, better writing skills) 
  • Align Learning Outcomes with Strategic Plan Learning Outcomes

More Information about Logic Models


Step 2: Design and Implement Assessment Plan

  • Select Program Component or Intervention to assess
  • Develop Assessment Questions
  • Define Indicators of success for each assessment question
  • Indicate Data Sources
  • Indicate Methods of data collection
  • Indicate Timeline for the assessment
  • Indicate Person(s) responsible for data collection
  • Select data analysis methods (counts, comparisons, percents)
  • Indicate how data will be disseminated

More Information about Assessment Plans


Step 3: Analyze and Document Assessment Results

  • Analyze assessment data
  • Summarize results in a report
  • Indicate program changes as a result of assessment

More Information about Reporting Assessment Results


Step 4: Implement Improvement Strategies

  • Implement Changes
  • Modify Program Logic Model to reflect program changes for next assessment cycle.

More Information about Implementing Improvement Strategies