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Assessment at Baruch

Writing Center Assessment title

We are currently assessing the role that the Writing Center plays in student success here at Baruch. We seek to make evident the direct and indirect ways student writing performance is enhanced, as well as to demonstrate the contribution of the Center to the College through data that can be situated within the larger conversation on student learning outcomes.


Specifically, this assessment seeks to answer the following questions:


What influence does the Writing Center have on students' writing?

What factors in one-to-one, face-to-face sessions do students believe to be most beneficial?

Do the writing skills of students who go to the Writing Center differ from those of their peers who do not?



An essential aspect of this assessment process is the participation of students who have used the services offered by the Writing Center. If you are a student currently enrolled at Baruch, and you have used the Writing Center, please take a moment to fill out this survey.


Writing Center Survey