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Assessment at Baruch

Outcomes, Goals, Objectives title

Outcomes, goals and objectives are statements about the expected result(s) of program activities.

Goals are more broadly stated than outcomes or objectives, but as with the latter two, they should be attainable and measureable.

For example:

  • Goal: Students will increase their math skills as a result of tutoring.
  • Outcome/Objectives: Students will be able to use calculus in real world applications as a result of tutoring.

Outcomes and Objectives mean the same thing in this document. They are specific statements about the program’s expected results.  Usually, several outcomes or objectives are associated with a broadly stated goal.

For example:

  • Goal: To prepare students with the skills needed to apply for a job.
  • Operational/Service Outcome: All graduating students will receive career advisement.
  • Learning Outcome: All graduating students will be able to complete a job application form.

The terms Operational/Service outcome and Learning outcome are used throughout this document.  When you begin to develop your outcomes for your Logic Model, it’s very important that you align them with any or all of the following:

  • Your administrative department’s mission, goals and outcomes/objectives statements.
  • The Institution’s Strategic Plan goals and outcomes.
  • The Program Managers Performance (PMP) goals and outcomes.
  • Other Federal and State assessment outcome requirements.