Undergraduate Curriculum

Baruch College Offers the Following Undergraduate Degrees:

  • BA = Bachelor of Arts (minimum 120 credits)
    • Weissman School of Arts & Sciences
  • BS = Bachelor of Science (minimum 120 credits)
    • School of Public Affairs
  • BBA = Bachelor of Business Administration (minimum 124 credits)
    • Zicklin School of Business

Components of Your Degree:

Pathways Core Curriculum

Additional requirements based on your degree

Major:  24 – 30+ credits

General Electives

The Pathways Core Curriculum

The General Education requirements at Baruch reflects the College’s commitment to the ideal of education as a transformation process of the whole person through study of the arts and sciences. The Common Core Curriculum includes introductory courses in a variety of disciplines in the arts and sciences as well as advanced concentrations that allow students to focus on a single area in the liberal arts.

Please click on the link below for current information regarding Pathways curriculum: Pathways at Baruch

* Students who entered Baruch prior to Fall 2013 follow the Tier Curriculum.

Speak with an Academic Advisor to review your degree requirements.

Freshman Academic Planners

These  planners can help you plan your “4 year to degree” schedule.

BA Degree

Academic Planner - BA CSTM 0120 MTH 1030

Academic Planner - BA CSTM 0120

Academic Planner - BA MTH 0100

Academic Planner - BA MTH 1030

Academic Planner - BA MTH 2003

Academic Planner - BA MTH 2205 2207 2610

BBA Degree

Academic Planner - BBA CSTM 0120 and MTH 1030

Academic Planner - BBA MTH 0100

Academic Planner - BBA MTH 2003

Academic Planner - BBA MTH 2205 2207 2610

BS Degree

Academic Planner - BS CSTM 0120

Academic Planner - BS CSTM0120 MTH 1030

Academic Planner - BS MTH 0100

Academic Planner - BS MTH 1030

Academic Planner - BS MTH 2003

Academic Planner - BS MTH 2205 2207 2610