Transfer Students

Important Policies and Procedures for Transfer Students

The grades you earned at previous colleges do not transfer to Baruch College. Your grades are reviewed to determine eligibility for certain majors.

It is important to check and comply with all course prerequisites and co-requisites. Failure to do so may result in being dropped from the course at anytime during the semester!

The courses you completed at your previous school (credits received) may not be repeated at Baruch.

A “WU” grade is equivalent to an “F” grade.  “WU” grades can be given by a professor at any time in the semester without previous warning if a student violates a professor’s attendance or classroom policies.

Review the online Undergraduate Bulletin about CPI units.

The Three Repeat Policy restricts students to a maximum of three registrations for any single course, regardless of the grade the student has achieved. This includes grades of W, WN, WU, WF, FIN, and F.  You will not be permitted to register for a course for a fourth time. In the case of Calculus, the policy covers ANY or ALL base-level calculus courses (MTH 2205, 2207, or 2610), e.g., one course taken three times, each course taken once, or a one-and-two combination. All combinations will be treated identically as three attempts.

The CUNY “F” policy allows students to replace a maximum of 16 credits of failing grades if the same courses are repeated with a minimum grade of “C”. The cumulative GPA will be recomputed to reflect only the passing grade; the semester GPA will not be changed.