Transfer Students

The Office of Orientation and New Student Programs

The Office of Orientation and New Student Programs provides students with the following:

  • A seamless transition into the College;
  • A context for successful living and learning in the Baruch College environment by communicating clear expectations for academic achievement and acceptable codes of conduct;
  • Benchmark assessments of their academic and “soft” skills from which we, along with colleagues throughout the College, assist students with creating a roadmap to meet their academic, personal, and professional goals;
  • Guidance on available resources at the College for meeting their goals while assisting students with overcoming obstacles to those goals;
  • Experiences that promote engagement and connection with the Baruch community and the full array of offerings on campus;
  • A responsive safe space within which to share their concerns.

Programs and Services:

  • Transfer Orientation provides students with a welcoming transition into the Baruch community of learners through a variety of interactive experiences that introduce them to the curriculum, to College offerings and services, and to one another.  Students leave with a clear roadmap outlining what courses to take, an understanding of academic challenges and expectations, tips on navigating through their first term, resources to explore, and acceptable codes of conduct.  Students also leave energized and ready to begin their journey toward degree completion.
  • Transfer Learning Communities provide students with a supportive transitional experience in their first semester at the College through dedicated faculty and linked courses, a Transfer Seminar, peer mentoring, and co-curricular activities, all in a small group setting.  Students leave their Learning Community with lifelong friends, study mates, and some baseline skills necessary to achieving their degree objective and life goals after graduation.
  • Special events are scheduled throughout the semester to assist transfer students transition effectively into the campus community and focus on topics such as:
    1. how to get involved in the campus community and community service;
    2. how to get into the Zicklin School of Business;
    3. how to research and use source material effectively;
    4. how to handle a large volume of reading;
    5. how to write effective papers;
    6. how to develop your leadership skills.

Contact information:

Office of Orientation and New Student Programs
Room 3-175
55 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10010
(646) 312-4273
(646) 312-4771 (fax)