Tools for Advising

There are many advisement tools you can use to navigate your college career at Baruch.  The College and the advisement staff provides for you:  your Academic Worksheet; Time Management Calculator; and a Time Management Worksheet.

Academic Worksheet- The Academic Worksheet is designed to give a complete and detailed assessment of your academic progress.  You as the student will want to verify the courses required for your program in its entirety, and the Academic Worksheet is set up to show  just that.  It allows a student to see what has been completed up to date, what is currently in progress and what is remaining after the current semester in progress.

Time Management Calculator -  Sometimes understanding where your time goes can make a productive difference in ensuring you, as a student, have the time to devote to your academic and social life.  The Time Management Calculator can calculate for you how your time is allocated for a number of different activities on a daily basis.  Once you have entered the hours for each activity you can get the exact amount of hours used for the entire week.  Sometimes we are so busy we do not realize where our time is going, but this simple calculator can show you in few short key strokes.

Time Management Worksheet - The Time Management Worksheet  allows students to put down on paper how and where their time is going.  It is a very detailed list to allocate one’s time.  Whether it is time studying, listening to music, or doing your laundry, these are the things that sometimes we don’t realize are eating away at the hours we have in the day and in the week.  So itemizing all your activities enables you to clearly see how your time is being utilized and whether you can adjust to accommodate the urgent activities.

DegreeWorks - Degree Works is a web-based application that allows students to view their progress towards a degree.  On screen or in the form of a two to four page print out, it lists all of your requirements including: courses taken, courses currently being taken, skills assessment tests, transfer credits and much more.  It even lets you link to the schedule of courses for the specific courses you need to take to fulfill a requirement.  The DegreeWorks Audit does not replace the academic worksheet completed by your advisor or the official graduation audit completed by the Office of the Registrar.


Freshman Academic Planners

These  planners can help you plan your “4 year to degree” schedule.

BA Degree

Academic Planner - BA CSTM 0120 MTH 1030

Academic Planner - BA CSTM 0120

Academic Planner - BA MTH 0100

Academic Planner - BA MTH 1030

Academic Planner - BA MTH 2003

Academic Planner - BA MTH 2205 2207 2610

BBA Degree

Academic Planner - BBA CSTM 0120 and MTH 1030

Academic Planner - BBA MTH 0100

Academic Planner - BBA MTH 2003

Academic Planner - BBA MTH 2205 2207 2610

BS Degree

Academic Planner - BS CSTM 0120

Academic Planner - BS CSTM0120 MTH 1030

Academic Planner - BS MTH 0100

Academic Planner - BS MTH 1030

Academic Planner - BS MTH 2003

Academic Planner - BS MTH 2205 2207 2610