Undergraduate Curriculum

A Little More on the Tier 3 Minors

Tier III - Liberal Arts Minor
Tier III concentrations (minors) and their communication intensive capstones allow students to focus on a single area in the liberal arts. Capstone courses must be taken at Baruch College.

Minors (2 courses at the 3000 level or above*) Capstone Course(s)
American Studies AMS 4900
Anthropology (any 4000-level SOC/ANT course)
Art (4 tracks) ART 4900, FPA 4900 or FPA 5070
Asian and Asian American Studies AAS 4900
Black and Hispanic Studies BLS/HSP 4900
Black Studies BLS/HSP 4900
Business Writing (Any JRN course at the 4000 level or above except JRN 5050 and JRN 5051)
Chinese (any 4000-level CHI course)
Communication Studies* COM 4900
Economics (Any ECO course at the 4000 level or above except ECO 4000)
English (any 4000-level ENG course)
Film Studies FLM 4900
French (any 4000-level FRE course)
Global Studies IDC 4900
Hebrew (any 4000-level HEB course)
Hispanic Studies BLS/HSP 4900
History HIS 4900
Humanities with Honors see Honors advisor
Information Studies LIB 4900
Information Technology and Social Responsibility CIS 4910
Interdisciplinary Minor in Environmental Sustainability ENV 4900
Italian (any 4000-level ITL course)
Japanese (any 4000-level JPN course)
Jewish Studies JWS 4900
Journalism (Any JRN course at the 4000 level or above except JRN 5050 and JRN 5051)
Latin American and Caribbean Studies LACS 4900
Law and Policy (not the business law minor) LAW 4900 or LAW 4905
Literature in Translation (any 4000-level LTT course)
Mathematics (any 4000-level MTH course)
Music (4 tracks) MSC 4900
Natural Sciences (multiple tracks; see faculty advisor in NS department) (any 4000-level course in natural sciences)
Philosophy PHI 4900
Political Science POL 4900
Psychology PSY 4012
Religion and Culture REL 4900
Sociology (any 4000-level SOC/ANT course)
Spanish (any 4000-level SPA course)
Survey Research for Public Affairs PAF 4402
Theatre FPA 4900
Women’s Studies WSM 4900

Note: Students must maintain a G.P.A. of at least 2.0 in the three courses that make up the Tier III minor.
*Not all 3000- or 4000-level courses will fulfill Tier III minor requirements, especially in disciplines that include distinct tracks. See Undergraduate Bulletin 2010–2013 for details.