Academic Policies


Students will be placed on academic probation at the end of the fall/spring semester if their cumulative GPA falls below the minimum level indicated previously. Students will have one semester in which to raise their cumulative GPA. Failure to maintain a GPA of better than C (i.e. 2.01) during the semester will result in academic dismissal.

Restrictions While on Probation

Credits: While on academic probation you are limited to register for a maximum of four courses or 13 credits per semester during the spring and fall semesters. Further, students are limited to one course each summer session.

Activities: While on Academic Probation a student is not allowed to hold office in any club or student organization, nor play on any varsity sports teams.

Financial Aid: Financial Aid will be jeopardized by poor grades or academic progress. See the Financial Aid Office for how it applies to your specific situation.

Rate of Progress Probation

This applies regardless of GPA if you are taking ENG 2100, ENG 2150
for the third time. This Negative Service Indicator will be removed only after you pass the course in question. Failure to pass this course on the third attempt will result in immediate dismissal.

While on rate of progress probation you are limited to register for a maximum of four courses or 13 credits during the third repetition semester. Further, students are limited to one course each summer session and winter session.

Words of Advice

  • If it did not work the first time and you don’t make any changes to your approach, don’t expect different results. Take a course 1x and complete it to the best of your ability. This will cost you half the price of repeating it after a W or F grade.
  • Slow and steady wins the race.
  • Academic Success is yours….Gather your tools and make it happen!

Study Tips

Be eager, attentive and engaged. 

    • Eager – Embrace it – Take on the challenge!
    • Attentive – Are you focused – Concentrate on the task at hand.
    • Engaged – Are you present? Be mindful.
  • Study earlier in the day. If you are tired, your brain may have turned off.
  • So, you are wide awake and ready to study -  Pick a place that has limited distractions. 
  • Study in a place that you are focused and remain alert.
  • Organize your study aids and materials.
  • Study difficult subjects first.
  • Add your deadline dates to your calendar/planner.
  • Pace yourself in your studying – avoid procrastination.
  • Visit the SACC Center! It's free tutoring.

Make a Plan of Action

  • List all courses currently registered for this semester.
  • Write down the grade you want to earn for each course.
  • Calculate how many hours you need to study to obtain your desired grade.
  • Determine when you will study in a given week to reach the study time necessary.

Academic Resources

Many issues lead to being placed on academic probation. Though you have hit a bump in the road, there are many strategies you can use to get back on the right track. The college is committed to your academic success. We encourage you to avail yourself of the many college resources.

For further information and assistance, visit the Center for Academic Advisement and meet with an Academic Advisor.  Also visit the Academic Success section of the website for additional resources.