Academic Policies

Academic Dismissal

Students who fail to meet the terms of GPA Probation or Rate of Progress Probation will be dismissed at the end of the Academic Semester. Dismissal from the College is permanent unless a written reinstatement appeal, made to one of the four Committee on Academic Standing, is successful.


If you are dismissed, you may not enroll in courses at Baruch College unless you are reinstated. You will not be allowed to attend school for at least one semester. In order to return to Baruch College, your appeal for reinstatement must be approved by one of the four Committees on Academic Standing.  

Reinstatement is not guaranteed. Upon reinstatement you will continue to be on academic probation until you meet the cumulative GPA of 2.0. 

When applying for academic reinstatement, it is important to consider the following:

  1. An appeal is to request an exception to the academic policy. Reinstatement is not guaranteed.
  2. Identify the reasons for your poor academic performance. The most convincing appeals demonstrate the student has identified the problem and addressed it.
  3. You are required to include supporting documentation to help your case. The following is a list of potential supporting documents:

    Academic documentation: copies of official transcripts or explanatory letters from academic departments or instructors

    Medical documentation: doctor’s note, hospital records, letter from a mental health counselor/therapist

    Legal documentation: accident report, legal summons, court documentation, obituary or death certificate, police report

    Financial documentation: student loan or financial aid information, pay stubs, documentation of financial hardship

The deadline for submitting the appeal form for reinstatement to the Committee on Academic Standing is November 1st for the Spring semester and April 1st for the Fall semester.