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Modular Executive MS in Marketing in New York CityBaruch College, The City University of New York

Tuition & Fees

Executive Programs are designed to offer administrative ease and convenience. All administrative contact, including registration for the EMSM in New York City, is provided through Zicklin's on-campus Executive Program office.

The total program cost for the Modular EMSM in New York City in 2018 is $38,500 USD. This includes a range of services, such as:

  • All tuition and fees for 10 modules, including any taken in São Paulo
  • All educational materials
  • Meals and refreshments on classroom days
  • Administrative support from the program office as a one-stop point of contact for students in the program

There is a separate $125 non-refundable application fee that is charged by The City University of New York to process your application.

Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice by The City University of New York Board of Trustees.

Students who must travel to New York City to attend each module’s two consecutive Saturday-Sunday weekends in the classroom cover their own transportation and lodging costs as needed. Students who choose to take one or more modules in São Paulo, when that program location becomes available, will also cover their own travel and lodging costs. This gives students maximum flexibility and control over travel and accommodation expenses and allows Zicklin to keep tuition and fees as low as possible.

Acceptance Deposit

When your application is accepted, we require a non-refundable Acceptance Deposit of $2,500 to confirm enrollment and hold your place in the program. The balance of the program fee is due in installments throughout the program.

Possible Financing Sources

Your current employer may sponsor your education entirely or in part or provide tuition reimbursement for courses or degrees completed. Speak to your manager and human resources representative before applying to determine the level of support your organization will provide. Some organizations include general tuition reimbursement as part of a comprehensive benefits package rather than a separate sponsorship program.

Student loans are also an option for executive students. Speak to your accountant or tax advisor about credits, deductions, and tax treatment of student loan interest and employer financial support for continuing your education.

Fees for Extending the Program

Program costs may be adjusted if you complete the program at your own pace. CUNY reviews and sets tuition annually. You may be subject to an added cost, on a pro-rated basis, to reflect any future CUNY tuition increase for modules completed after 11 months. All 10 modules must be completed within 36 months. Any additional cost will be calculated when a CUNY tuition change is announced.

Students in the São Paulo program who opt to complete more than one module in New York City will pay a tuition adjustment reflect local charges.

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