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The Office of Communications, Marketing and Public Relations

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Baruch College Office of Communications and Marketing
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Communications and Marketing (OCMPA)

Policy on Material for External Audiences

Purpose and Scope
Baruch College’s strategic plan calls for increased visibility and recognition of Baruch’s academic programs, educational quality and achievements among external audiences, such as the tri-state business community and parents of prospective students.  Baruch College will accomplish its communications goals by developing and implementing a strategic communications and marketing plan at the College level under the direction of the College’s Chief Communications Officer. 

The College-wide Policy on Communications and Marketing Material requires advance notification of your anticipated publication or other communications and marketing material to the Office of Communications and Marketing for the following reasons:

  • Coordination with the content of other College communications efforts, including advertising and enrollment management
  • Coordination with outreach initiatives at CUNY (CUNY is often looking for things happening at the Colleges to feature and promote)
  • Compliance with College policies and legal requirements
  • Compliance with Baruch College/CUNY logo and visual requirements
  • Optimization of image and text resources that are already available
  • Support of your message with website content
  • Coordination of event promotion

Effective immediately, the following policy shall be in place for all units of the College:

Required Checklist

Your anticipated publication or other communications and marketing material for external audiences must be approved by the Chief Communications Officer or his/her designee via the following process.  Please complete the “clearance form” that is located on visualstandards and submit it electronically to the Office of Communications and Marketing.

The checklist format is designed to make the process as unobtrusive as possible while providing the core information needed for Baruch-wide communications coordination.  The form covers problem issues that often arise and therefore helps you to avoid common missteps. It will ask you to certify that you have complied with Baruch’s Visual Standards including required fonts and logos ( and that you have included Baruch’s website URL, and an address and telephone number, if appropriate.  You will also need to demonstrate that you have made adequate provisions to ensure that the public information or marketing material will reach its intended audience and that adequate production expenses have been arranged for the project; we will certify that the turnaround time of production suits the project’s timetable.

Upon receipt of the completed form, the Office of Communications and Marketing will promptly e-mail you a confirmation or call you with any issues.  The turnaround time will vary somewhat with volume, but will strive to meet your time demands, especially on an event taking place on a fixed date.  Please print the confirmation and keep it on file to demonstrate that your material has met College requirements.

In-House Consultation Services
Depending on other demands and the resources available at the Office of Communications and Marketing at a given time, OCM may be able to offer professional expertise in formulating your communications and marketing material.  OCM’s advice and editorial and design services are free.  If your job necessitates hiring an outside graphics firm, photographer, printer, or mail house, OCM will recommend a vendor(s), but you would have to cover those costs.  It is customary for the printing house to charge you for the cost of paper or print stock.  OCM can handle bids on your behalf if they are under $5,000 and OCM is involved in the job.  Bids over that amount have to go through College Purchasing.

To make use of this resource we ask you to consult with Communications and Marketing twice.  First, we ask you to benefit from their professional expertise by contacting them to work collaboratively when you are first formulating your plans, budget, timing, and if, applicable, press strategy.  Second, contact them when you are ready to begin.  They begin a job with a signed request form, so please have your budget, content, timeline, and managerial approval in place.  Request forms are located on and will be given to you at your first planning meeting with the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Contact Information

Baruch College
Office of Communications and Marketing
One Bernard Baruch Way, Box A-1503
New York, NY 10010

Street Address: 17 Lexington Ave., room 1503
Tel (646) 660-6105  Fax (646) 660-6104

Adopted by the Cabinet of Baruch College
September 8, 2006