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Communications and Marketing

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Baruch College Office of Communications and Marketing

One Bernard Baruch Way, Box A-1503

New York, NY 10010-5585

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17 Lexington Ave., Room 1503

Communications and Marketing (OCMPA)

Baruch College Naming Protocol

The College has benefited greatly from the generosity of private donors, and we have honored that generosity by formally naming a number of our facilities and activities on campus.  CUNY Board of Trustees approval is required before the College may designate a name, and we are in the process of finalizing our approvals.

The following is a guide to make it easier for you to comply with College protocol on any print or electronic material you create.  We list both the formal name and acceptable abbreviations.  Please check with Baruch’s Office of Communications and Marketing at or 646-660-6105 for guidance on how best to acknowledge a named building or program.  This guide and other information about the College’s marketing protocols and visual standards are available at

Baruch College Comes First

Please note that Baruch College should appear in the largest type and at the top of any of your print or electronic material.  This is followed in order and size by the school (if appropriate), then the unit/center/institute etc.

One Bernard Baruch Way

One Bernard Baruch Way plus the box number is the official mailing address of the college.  Please be sure to include a street address or intersection (such as 55 Lexington Avenue at 24th Street) on any material where it is important for someone to physically locate the building.


  • William and Anita Newman Vertical Campus (55 Lexington Avenue at 24th Street)
    • Newman Vertical Campus
    • NVC
  • Steven L. Newman Hall (137 East 22nd Street)
  • Lawrence and Eris Field Building at 17 Lex (17 Lexington Avenue)
    • Field Building

Areas within Buildings

  • William and Anita Newman Library (151 East 25th Street)
    • Newman Library
  • William and Anita Newman Conference Center (151 East 25th Street)
    • Newman Conference Center
  • Marvin Antonowsky Performing Arts Complex (55 Lexington Avenue at 25th Street, Lower Level)
    • Rosalyn and Irwin Engelman Recital Hall
      • Engelman Recital Hall
    • Rose Nagelberg Theatre
      • Nagelberg Theatre
  • Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Lab (NVC, 8th Floor)
  • The Starr Career Development Center (NVC, 2nd Floor)
    • Starr CDC
  • Barbara Kent Plaza (outside of East 25th Street between 3rd and Lexington Avenues)
  • Mason Hall (17 Lexington Avenue, Street Level)
  • Bernie West Theatre (17 Lexington Avenue, 9th floor)
  • Sidney Mishkin Gallery (135 East 22nd Street)
    • Mishkin Gallery


  • Stan Ross Department of Accountancy
  • Bert W. Wasserman Department of Economics and Finance
  • William Newman Programs in Real Estate
        • Undergraduate and graduate real estate programs
        • The Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute
  • The Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute
    • Newman Real Estate Institute
  • William E. Macaulay Honors College (formerly CUNY Honors College)
    • Macaulay Honors College (MHC)

Schools and Centers

  • Mildred and George Weissman School of Arts and Sciences
    • Weissman School of Arts and Sciences
  • Zicklin School of Business
  • Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship
    • Field Center
  • Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute
    • Schwartz Communication Institute
  • The Bert W. and Sandra Wasserman Trading Floor in the Subotnick Financial Services Center
    • Wasserman Trading Floor in the Subotnick Center
  • Weissman Center for International Business
    • Weissman Center
    • One of the Weissman Center program’s is the Besso Intercultural Program
  • Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity
    • RZCCI

Endowed Chairs and Supported Professorships

  • Lillie and Nathan Ackerman Visiting Professor of Equality and Justice in America: pending
  • William F. Aldinger Chair in Finance and Banking: pending
  • Marvin Antonowsky Fellow in Theater: Eric Krebs
  • Irwin and Arlene Ettinger Professor of Accountancy: John Elliott
  • Field Family Chair in Entrepreneurship: Tom Lyons
  • Lawrence N. Field Professor of Entrepreneurship: pending
  • Peter S. Jonas Professor of Entrepreneurship: Ramona Heck
  • David Krell Chair in Finance: Turan Bali
  • Albert Lippert Chair of Marketing: pending
  • Robert P. Luciano Chair of Health Care Policy: Shoshanna Sofaer
  • Eli and Claire Mason Professor of Accountancy: Joseph Kerstein
  • William Newman Chair in Real Estate Finance: Ko Wang
  • Stan Ross Professor of Accountancy: Joseph Weintrop
  • Marvin M. Speiser Professor of Finance: Robert A. Schwartz
  • Bert and Sandy Wasserman Professor of Finance: pending
    Irving Weinstein Professor of Accountancy: Steven B. Lilien
  • Emanuel Saxe Distinguished Professor of Finance: Terrence Martell
  • Lawrence and Carol Zicklin Chair in Corporate Integrity and Governance: pending
  • Wollman Professors: Douglas Carmichael, Abraham Korman, and June O'Neill

CUNY Distinguished Professors

  • Ervand Abrahamian (History)
  • John Brenkman (English)
  • S. Prakash Sethi (Management)
  • David Reynolds (English)
  • Robert A. Schwartz (Economics and Finance)
  • Grace Schulman (English)

Baruch College Presidential Professors

  • Linda Allen (Economics and Finance)
  • Carol Berkin (History)
  • E.S. Savas (School of Public Affairs)


  • The Lillie and Nathan Ackerman Lecture Series on Equality and Justice in America
  • Russell Banks CEO Leadership Lecture Series
  • Feit Interdisciplinary Humanities Seminar
  • Robert A. Friedman History Symposium
  • Sidney Harman Writer-in-Residence (The Harman Writer-in-Residence is a Visiting Professor)
  • Milt Hinton Jazz Perspectives Concert Series
  • Burton Kossoff Business Leadership Lecture
  • Emanuel Saxe Distinguished Lectures in Accounting
  • Aaron Silberman Concert Series


  • Abraham J. Briloff Prizes in Ethics
    • Briloff Prize

Classrooms, Meeting Rooms, Lounges Named through the Class Act Campaign

You may have noticed that a number of classrooms and meeting rooms around the campus have plaques installed at their entrances acknowledging a gift to the College made through our Class Act campaign.  When naming a classroom or other space, our donors have chosen to memorialize a spouse or loved one, to honor a beloved faculty member, or to include a statement expressing their values or philosophy.  These plaques may inspire our current students and remind them of the possibilities ahead.  As College protocol, we will continue to refer to the named classrooms and other spaces by their room numbers.


Christina Latouf
Chief Communications and Marketing Officer
Baruch College / City University of New York
One Bernard Baruch Way, Box A1503
New York, NY 10010

phone 646-660-6114
fax 646-660-6104