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The Office of Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs

Phone: 646-660-6105
Fax: 646-660-6104


Mailing Address:

Baruch College Office of Communications and Marketing
One Bernard Baruch Way,
Box A-1503
New York, NY 10010-5585

Walk-In Address:
17 Lexington Ave., Room 1503


Communications and Marketing (OCMPA)

As part of the College’s Strategic Plan, which calls for increased visibility and recognition of Baruch’s academic programs, educational quality, and achievements and for consistency of overall message in external materials, the College offers in-house editorial and design services. These services help ensure your publication’s impact, coordination with other College initiatives and events, and compliance with College and University policies and requirements.

Here are some of our services:

  • Publications (brochures, newsletters, flyers, etc.)
  • Editorial Services (e.g., editorial review and/or proofreading)
  • Graphic design/consultation
  • Event promotion
  • Press relations
  • Professional photography referrals
  • Website consultation
  • Collegewide internal communications, including
    public announcements and Web site postings
  • Advertising

In the case of longer-term projects—such as marketing campaigns, publications, website redesigns, advertising campaigns, or event promotion—please contact the office in the initial stages of planning. In the case of electronic public announcements or Web site postings, please send relevant text. In all cases, try to include as much information as possible, including dates and times where appropriate. Please allow enough lead time.

For more information, please download Marketing Clearance Checklist (word file) and/or view the school policy on Communications and Marketing Material.

How to Use Our Editing and Design Services

These services are here to help you. In order to have an optimal experience using them, please consult the guidelines below.

1. Initiate your project by filling out a Marketing Request Form, which can be found on the Forms to Request Services section of this site. You can submit completed forms electronically via e-mail or faxed to our office at 646-660-6104.

Make sure that you have allowed adequate time for processing of your request, especially if it is keyed to a specific event. Projects are undertaken on a first-come, first-served basis. If OCM suspects that your requested deadline cannot be met, a representative from the office will discuss this with you. “ASAP” is not an acceptable request date.

2. Once your project is logged and assigned in OCM, your OCM contact will call you (probably the editor who has been assigned to your publication). Your OCM contact will coordinate an initial project meeting with you, the editor, and the designer. All key individuals involved with the project are encouraged to attend.

Make the most of this meeting by being prepared. Bring:

  • Copy (text/narrative) as a hard-copy and/or send an Word file (sending copy via e-mail prior to the meeting is most helpful).
  • OCM will work with you to develop copy if necessary, but your publication will be expedited if at least an approved working draft is provided.
  • Any images you would like included in the publication. These must be high-resolution images in electronic format. OCM has a photographic database of approved Baruch images that may also be included.
  • Information about your budget

3. The project editor will work with you to finalize the text. The text needs to be approved before the project enters the design stage. No significant additions or deletions can be made after this stage without impacting the production timetable.

4. The designer takes the approved text and creates and submits a draft design to your agreed-upon specifications. Specifications are discussed during the initial meeting. Specifications include project type, size, color--black and white, two-color, or four-color--, and images. All changes to the publication should be indicated, preferably on a printout of the job. This is the time to gather the input from those required to review and approve the publication on your end.

5. The final design is submitted for your approval.

6. OCM makes the final changes and gets printer bids on your behalf. and you are told the amount of the lowest bid . Note: Bids on jobs of $5,000 or more are handled through College Purchasing.

7. Upon your approval, your job is sent to the outside commercial printer. Keep in mind that printers require days and sometimes weeks to complete a job. Factor this into your timetable.