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Baruch College Launches the New York Confucius Institute for Global Finance

Extracurricular, nondegree program will offer Chinese language classes, cultural workshops, and global finance seminars


From left: Baruch College President Mitchel B. Wallerstein, PhD; Jiang Feng, PhD, chairman of the University Council, Shanghai International Studies University; Sun Xinwei and Matthew LePere, co-directors, New York Confucius Institute for Global Finance at Baruch College

New York, NY, December 8, 2017 – Baruch College held a formal opening ceremony on December 6 to launch the New York Confucius Institute for Global Finance (NYCIGF@Baruch). The Institute is an extracurricular, nondegree educational collaboration between Baruch College, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), and Hanban, an entity affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education. 

The mission of NYCIGF@Baruch is to further U.S. students’ and business executives’ understanding of China and the integral role it plays in the worldwide financial system and to provide Chinese students and business executives with a better understanding of the U.S. and global financial markets.

Baruch President Mitchel B. Wallerstein, PhD, presided over the ceremony with participation from Dr. Jiang Feng, chairman of the University Council, SISU, and Deputy Consul General Zhao Yumin, of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in New York.                                                                                       

"Bringing the Confucius Institute for Global Finance to Baruch College was the work of many colleagues in both countries, and it is part of a larger, long-term strategy at Baruch to deepen our engagement with the world outside our campus,” said Dr. Wallerstein in his opening remarks. “China is an important political and economic power—not just in Asia but throughout the world. Our goal is to provide all our students with a global perspective on world affairs and a critical awareness of the political and ethical issues that the world faces today.” 

As part of the formal launch, Dr. Wallerstein and Dr. Jiang bestowed a large silver key to the U.S. and Chinese co-directors to symbolize the official opening of the NYCIGF@Baruch.

“There is the Pacific Ocean between us, but we’ve come together to forge a partnership for our shared goals: to promote people-to-people exchanges and advance our cooperation in the fields of finance, business management, and international relations,” said Dr. Jiang. “The Confucius Institute will become a platform for a full range of cultural exchanges between our two educational institutions, two cities, and two countries. I share the same idea with Dr. Wallerstein that, through the Confucius Institute, SISU and CUNY Baruch College will further our cooperation in various fields and provide more opportunities for both our faculties and students to learn from each other.”

Building a Bridge Between China and the U.S.

Beginning Spring 2018, the NYCIGF@Baruch will offer Chinese language classes, cultural workshops, and global finance seminars to students. Plans are underway to expand the Institute’s programs to alumni and New York City residents in the near future.

Programming will also examine the differences between Chinese and U.S. social and business cultures and provide an introduction to China’s financial system and market.

Inaugural Event: “Global Finance: Past, Present, and Future”

To celebrate the NYCIGF@Baruch launch, a free public event, entitled “Global Finance: Past, Present, and Future,” was held following the ceremony. Moderated by Lin Peng, PhD, David Krell Chair in Finance at Baruch College, the panel featured industry experts who addressed a host of topics, including the 2007 financial crisis, the current state of the U.S. financial system, forecasts for the global economy, and the business relationship between the U.S. and People’s Republic of China. 

About Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute program began in 2004. There are currently 110 Confucius Institutes in the United States, with the first established at the University of Maryland in 2005. China has set up about 500 Confucius Institutes in 134 countries and regions and more than 1,000 Confucius classrooms in primary and secondary schools. A full list of colleges and classrooms that offer a Confucius Institute can be found here.

About Baruch College

Baruch College is a senior college in the City University of New York (CUNY) with a total enrollment of more than 18,000 students, who represent 164 countries and speak 129 languages. Ranked among the top 15 percent of U.S. colleges and the No. 4 public regional university, Baruch College is regularly recognized as among the most ethnically diverse colleges in the country. For more about Baruch College, go here.

About Shanghai International Studies University

Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), upholding the motto of “Integrity, Vision and Academic Excellence,” is an internationally recognized, prestigious academic institution distinctive for its multidisciplinary and multicultural nature, committed to preparing innovative professionals and future global leaders for a wide range of international expertise to address the critical challenges of our times. For more about SISU, visit here.

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