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25th St Plaza Photo

25th Street Plaza

About the 25th Street Interim Pedestrian Plaza

Opened to Baruch College and the surrounding community in December 2012, the 25th Street Interim Pedestrian Plaza creates much-needed open space for a district that has one of the least amounts in the borough. The Interim Plaza is expected to be in place for several years as we work on the design and construction plans for the Permanent Plaza. The planning and development of the Permanent Plaza will be advised by a committee that will include the major internal (College) and external stakeholders. This will ensure that the final design of the Permanent Plaza is one that the entire Baruch College community, as well as local residents and businesses, can be proud of and will use regularly; and that it will be able to support a wide range of programming that meets the needs of both the College and the community.

We hope you enjoy the Interim Plaza and the increased quality of life it provides to our College, local, and citywide community.

Plaza Rules of Conduct

The following are prohibited:

  • Bicycle Riding (Please dismount your bicycle before entering the plaza)
  • Skateboarding/Roller Blading/Scooter Riding
  • Unreasonable obstruction of free passage for other pedestrians
  • Unreasonable obstruction of sitting areas
  • Camping
  • Storing personal belongings
  • Lying down
  • Smoking
  • Cars